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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

top 5 programming languages in 2018

top 5 programming languages in 2018
top 5 programming languages in 2018 - torok technology

many people ask about programming languages and who programming language are required in the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, so if you wanna learn a programming language or you are a programmer and want to learn a new programming language, this article is for you, it will be your guide to know the most common languages in our days and which is required more than others, so let us get started.

Firstly, let us know why learning programming is very important today:

Note: this paragraph is very important for beginners.

Todays, Everyone should learn to programme to :

  1. keep pace the increase of technology
  2. to get the full benefit of the modern technology methods
  3. to increase the productivity of his work whether any aspect of working.
  4. be ready to live with the next generation of technology
  5. you can work with your programming skills and get the money
  6. build your own programming idea and be famous and millionaire 

Top ten best programming languages to learn in 2018


Javascript programming language is a wonderful language, it became a common and popular language is last years, everyone wants to be a web developer he has to learn javascript, whether he wants to be a Fron-End or Back-End developer, also after node.js had released in 2009, javascript acquired a more celebrity and fame, now javascript is required for any web project, also it has a large community of developers and programmers and major libraries such as angular, react, vue.js, express js, meteor js, and it supported by large companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft.


Python was invented in the 1980s, it didn't popular before ten years passed, but it started to be a common and popular in the 2000s, it now uses in different important tasks and it is used in different types of Microchip, now many big companies use this programming language in its projects, such as Google and Facebook, Youtube, all of these companies depend on python in many and difficult tasks, also it is used in machine learning aspect and image processing.
according to the statistics, Python now is the most required programming language in ending of 2018 so it will be very important to learn Python because it has a large community and many thousands of projects use Python.
I wanna to inform you that Python is very easy, so I advise you if you are a novice in programming and want to start with an easy programming language, I recommend to you learn Python.


c# is one of the best and old programming languages, it is very powerful and strong language, it is an object-oriented programming which allows to you to build major projects for any type of programming such as web development based on environment, mobile applications based on Xamarin platform, or building a powerful desktop application, I advise you if you wanna start in object-oriented programming, start to learn this awesome programming language.
There are new features and methods in c# programming:

  1. Partial methods
  2. Delegate inference
  3. Lambda expression
  4. Expression trees
  5. Static classes
  6. Query expressions
  7. Implicitly typed local variables


Java was written in 1995s, it made a big revolution in programming community in this time and it stood a popular programming language along many years also until now, many companies use this programming language such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Youtube, it is an object-oriented programming language and it is suitable for server-side processes, although Java has a big blotch because it consumes a large space/memory and this makes it little slow, but in others languages like c or c++ they language are good in consuming process of memory.


C++ is a common programming language, it is based on c language and it has many things similar to c language but it Outperforms than c language in specific parts, also c++ is modern than c programming, it has a large number of libraries that make c++ powerful, these are the parallels between c++ and c programming:

  1. the dynamic storage
  2. the automatic storage
  3. thread storage
  4. static storage

C++ is considered as a modern face of programming, it combines between object-oriented programming and event-driven programming and more features make this language required in many aspects of programming, also there are environments are based on c++ like Node.js, HipHop these environments are used in web programming, also there are two major databases based on c++ these are SQL and MongoDB.

Finally, we represented in this article the most 5 required and top programming language for the coming year 2018, surely there are another languages, so we will publish another article and talk about them.

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