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Saturday, 25 November 2017

how to launch a website without programming language

how to launch a website without programming language - torok-technology
how to launch a website without programming language - torok-technology

Hello guys, today I will show you how to make a website and launch it on internet without needing to any programming language, you will manage to launch your own website, whether you wanna this site to earn money such as make the site as blog or earn money from building e-commerce, or build your site to show your portfolio, don't worry in all of these cases you will make your site with easier ways and without needing programming, so let us start.

firstly, to launch your website you need to these important things:

1- you need to a host:

to make your site is online and show it to people, you may need to a host to serve many things such as your site files, all information about the site, the posts of the site, the user information of the site, and so on, so you already need a server to host your site on it to make the site shown to everyone, and start to get the traffic to the site. 

2- you need a domain: 

after you get the host, there is another important thing this thing is you need a domain to link it to the site, every site needs to a domain because the domain carries the name of your site, so you have to find a good domain with a particular name similar to your site name.

3- now you need to program the site:
 so you have two options, the first option you can deal with a programmer to program your site, the second option,  you can start your site with a free control management system (cms), and in this article we will talk about the free good cms scripts to build the site and which it better to the type of site.

secondly, the most famous platforms for free control management system scripts:

if you don't have any knowledge of programming don't worry my dear, the matter has become better than past, now you can make a website easily, there are a web software had spread and there are called cms, the cms is control panel or control management system gives you a fully controlling in your site regardless the type of your site, you can make amazing things with these cms.

1- WordPress platform:

the WordPress is most famous cms, many of users and owners of sites use WordPress scripts, and there was a statistic made about the amount of the sites which are built with WordPress, the result was that there are 40% of websites built with WordPress, because it represents to you many of features and benefits and give you the ability to build an amazing website such as blog or e-Commerce site or any type of sites, all of these features are for you without guarantee, it's a free.

2- Blogger platform:

in reality, blogger platform is more than amazing, and it favorite to many peoples and also personally I like it although it is not a best one, it is very simple cms and easy to use in addition to that it gives you many tools and features to customize the site, also it is free in everything, it represents to you a free host and domain, so you don't need to buy a host to serve the site because google serve your blog automatically in google servers and gives you a free domain, also it is friendly with search engines, it really represents a powerful tools for free.

3- jomla platform:

The Jomia platform is the third most popular platform for control management systems after Blogger and Wordpress. In fact, it is a platform that is more than wonderful and free. It also has many tools that will help you to archive your site. It is familiar and popular with search engines such as Wordpress. It complains some of the slow loadings of its own script, but it is continuously developed in successive versions.

Third: Which platforms are best for you as a beginner?

You may ask my dear reader which of these platforms you should use if you still a beginner or want to start,I will answer to the question in this short paragraph but first of all you should know that the process of creating a website or blog is not Hard mission and maybe done easily but the hard thing here is to keep up the website created by whatever field and work on it, make a marketing to it between People whether you write articles, sell products or offer services All of these works need to enrich the site content and also need to market this site, and in this regard I advise anyone who is a newbie wants to enter the field of writing is creating a blog on The blogger platform,m it provides you all the tools you need for blogging and writing. These are all provided by Blogger for free. This will help you to focus your money and efforts on the site marketing process because this aspect is important and should not be overlooked site archiving and site optimization.

If you want to set up an online store, I highly recommend that you work on the WordPress platform because the WordPress represents to you very good tools to make your website professional and the most famous tool for an e-Commerce site is called Woo Commerce.

In the end, you must first choose which field you want to enter and then choose the appropriate platform suitable for your domain and also your possibilities and we pray to God always achieve a success.

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