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Thursday, 16 November 2017

github explanation - first part

github explanation - first part - torok-technology
github explanation - first part - torok-technology

Hello guys, Today we have a talk about the site github we will divide into two parts Part I will be explained today and the second part will be explained in the next article, but today we will address the basic concepts and what is its function and how it can benefit from in your software projects.

First: What is github?
The word github is divided into two parts. The first part is git. It is defined as a control system version developed by Linus Trovalds, which also invented the linux system.
You may ask my friend what this word means "control system version". For example, if you are working on a project and want to launch it while it is still under development, it is certain that changes in the application are different from the first version. Launch and update the changes you have made in the application, keeping each time the older version of the application and all the modifications made to it. Even if you want to go back to the first version of the application, you can do so. This tool saves all changes in the main repository, Of dealing if they are working on Tbaiq one, where the programmer can download a copy of the application and then changes the work and development, and then lift it again, rather than the work of each team on a single file. If an error from a programmers may miss the rest of the work of the team event.

Git is the most preferred control system for developers with many features better than the other control systems available, it saves the changes in the files very efficiently, and also makes sure the integrity of the files, and you can go to this link to see more details if you want .

After we say that the word git means that it is a copy of the control system, let me tell you the dear programmer about its mechanism, it works by means of a tool to give orders through the operating system that runs on your computer, and you can control and raise your project, but let us know first section II From the word github which is a hub and what it means and what is represented and what is related to our subject?

The word "hub" is the second part of the word github, the name of the site from which you upload your projects on

Where this site is a repository or store for the software projects that the programmers publish but in a specific way of work and the tool used in this matter is git which is the control system that we explained from the top, let us separate what is in the site github now:

The repository: the place where all the files of the project you want to publish and each project is stored on the site has its own repository containing all the files of the project and can be accessed and viewed through the link dedicated to each project on github Here is an illustration:

After we have explained the concept of github and what its function we will explain how to work on it and how to publish your projects on it, but it will be in subsequent articles and soon, God willing, and you can pay attention to the lessons of the site github through this link and peace and mercy of God.

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