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Sunday, 21 January 2018

7 tips to increase your productivity in 2018

7 tips to increase your productivity in 2018
7 tips to increase your productivity in 2018

The deadline for your latest project is fast approaching and you wonder where time has gone
? There are many answers to this question, which probably will not suit you ... We will rather show you what is slowing down your productivity and with what tricks you will manage to overcome this enemy.

7 tips to increase productivity

With these 7 tips, discover how you can increase your productivity day after day ... No, do not be afraid, it's not hard!

1 - To be ordered
According to Einstein, genius dominates chaos, but when you take a closer look, this statement is relative!

For a day's work, the order greatly facilitates productivity. A German study by the Fraunhofer Institute results, that employees spend 10% of their time looking for missing work material! Not to mention that this frantic search produces stress, you could also put this time to profit from something else ... It is, therefore, worthwhile to keep his office or his files (computer or other) tidy!

2 - Music to increase creativity            

A phrase that says a lot about the relationship between music and increased productivity. In December 2012, the Journal of Consumer Research published a study that found that productivity is higher with background noise than with silence, or with a lot of noise.

here are other studies that show the positive effect of music on productivity, provided that it does not disturb your colleagues (the tastes of each are different)
Therefore, it is strongly recommended to listen to his music with headphones to create a pleasant sound environment.
 The department stores often pass music adapted to their target audience.

3 - Put your mobile phone aside

A mobile phone is a useful tool that has also become a problematic invention. Calls, messages, and alerts threaten to distract you at any time!

Psychology professor Christian Ulmer estimates that we spend three hours a day on our cell phone. The work is interrupted during this short break, without it being so relaxing. By simply keeping an eye on his phone, the focus on the current project is permanently interrupted and the phone becomes a formidable enemy of productivity.

The solution is very simple: each phone has a plane mode, use it during your working hours!

4 - Internet, yes but not for personal use

What is good for the mobile phone in your workplace is also good for the internet. Professional communication depends on a lot of internets but it must be strictly separated from private use, otherwise, you are constantly distracted, as with a phone.

Surfing the net for personal reasons must remain an occupation for your free time, a moment of relaxation after work!

5 - Do not constantly consult your E-Mails

E-mails are a very practical invention, they can be sent quickly and without consuming paper. However, many people tend to read their messages immediately and thus interrupt ongoing tasks.

In such a case, email becomes an enemy of productivity with the consequences we know. Increase your productivity at work by setting filters in your inbox.

For important emails, set a specific folder in your email so you can read them immediately. Then consider all participants and potential items in these emails so they can be recognized by your email.

All other messages will be received in a different folder that you will only see at certain times (at the end of the day or during a break for example).

6 - Learn to prioritize your work

Operating systems have become multitasking and even smartphones manage to multitask.
Man, however, is a living being, and as such, is programmed to focus on one task at a time. It is therefore advisable to regularly take the time to structure your working days.
Sort your tasks in order of importance and get the most urgent tasks first. You will be able to postpone a minimum overnight and check the importance of remaining tasks and upcoming appointments.
Your next meeting, for example: is it really worth attending? Will topics of importance to you be covered? Maybe you can wait until this information is communicated in a collective E-Mail?
It is also helpful to sort your files efficiently, placing the most important one above and the least urgent at the bottom of the stack. This will allow you to focus visually on your priorities and work more effectively.

7 - Manage your time flexibility

A rigid workday structure, without flexibility, allows for little change and thus reduces productivity. The German research institute Fraunhofer has discovered that temporal flexibility results in more efficient work. It is, therefore, necessary to free oneself from the rigid constraints of time and replace them with clear objectives.

In the end…As we have just seen, it is quite easy to defeat the multiple enemies of productivity. For starters, a framed use of devices and electronic media is extremely useful. If in addition, your daily schedules remain flexible, and if you can listen to the music of your choice, in suitable conditions, then you have everything to gain.

These are some simple steps that can be put into practice quickly so you can work more efficiently.

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