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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

the best google chrome extensions to improve your browsing

best chrome extensions
best chrome extensions torok-technology

google chrome is considered as the best browser for many millions of users of the internet, maybe because it is pretty, powerful, light, and more interactivity, but although of these features there is an amazing and sole feature google chrome has it, this feature is the extensions that you can install on your computer, these extensions help you in your browsing process and also make it easy and so on, so in this article we will represent the best google chrome extensions are chosen for you to improve your browsing.

The best chrome extensions

Personally, I advise you to install this extension, it is very useful to reduce memory ram using, any tab is suspended, unload, park, The Great Suspender will suspend these pages automatically after a specific period, you can customize this period as you wanna, maybe make the tool after 30 minutes, one hour or any specific period you wanna, this extension is good to reduce the using of memory and makes the ram keeps alive. 

Now you don't need bookmarks, you can use this tool instead of bookmarks, Evemote Web Clipper is very useful and good tool to save your bookmarks page with easy way, just install the tool from web store and click on the tool to sign in with your Google account then start clip any page you want to save by clicking the tool in your browser navbar and it will save the page, in addition to that, there is no any page you saved won't miss out if you installed a new windows or deleted the chrome broweser, when you return again you just need to re install the extension and log in with your google and it will return your clipped pages.
User-agent Switcher tool is very nice and useful specifically for developers, any web developer knows that the site appears differently on the different operating systems and browsers so you can use this tool to test the appearance of your site on different browsers such as firefox, chrome, opera and internet explorer, also this tool shows you the site appearance on ios devices, android, windows phones and so on, this tool doesn't for developers only, it for anyone wants to show the different appearances of the site on the different browsers or operating systems.

Momentum chrome extension is very quiet and pretty, it is designed to make you calm and makes you more productivity, it works when you open a new tab so instead of you see a blank page, this tool makes a background to the page with landscape backgrounds, also it shows you the current time, so  it is very useful to start your work or browsing with a good stats.

this extension is very useful and amazing, it works when you hover over any image on any page and this tool open this image in a new pretty window and shows this image with its full width, so you don't need to open the image in new tap anymore, you just install this extension and ensure that is it works on your browser then hover over any image and it will make the image showed in a new pretty window with an amazing effect.

Gestures for Google Chrome

The majority of the more mind-boggling elements of Chrome should be gotten to by means of a catch or a section in the essential or right-click menu. For a speedier option, this expansion can tie complex activities to mouse motions: essentially hold down the right-click catch on your mouse or touchpad and actuate the motion to play out the activity. Redone motions can be bound to any propelled work you can consider. We get a kick out of the chance to dole out a straightforward, three-swipe signal to close every tab with the exception of the one in the frontal area.

We represent to you a good and useful chrome extensions to improve your browsing and make it easy, also there are many tools and extensions, so we will show you other useful tools in a next time, don't forget put your comment about this article and these extension, also let us know what is the next article you want to read, goodbye.

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