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Monday, 1 January 2018

The best Php frameworks to use in 2018

The best Php frameworks to use in 2018- torok techcnology
The best Php frameworks to use in 2018-  torok technology

A framework is considered as a library of codes which allows structuring the work of developers through a set of tools, a structure, and templates ready-to-use. There are developing frameworks for everything: the creation of e-commerce sites, mobile application, web application (SaaS), etc.

Fashions come and go, both in terms of clothing and PHP developers! Some web agencies took advantage not to use any framework (wrongly in my opinion and if we note the robustness of the code produced by them) other put all on a framework only by crossing the fingers so that it lasts as long as possible ... Our Grenoble web agency has taken the initiative to provide an analysis phase that allows us to identify, according to the specifications, which framework could best meet the client's expectations. It is however interesting to note that for some years, the heavyweights of the communication are not necessarily them which are used in fact by the PHP developers! We have recently come across this graph, which is most telling in this respect.

PHP Zend and CakePHP framework, the decadence that never ends!

In the kind of vertiginous fall without being able to catch up, it is necessary to note the Zend framework and its counterpart the framework CakePHP. These two frameworks, however, have had some glory. But since now more than 5 years, nothing is done and the fall now seems irreversible. As a digital agency, we regularly advise our customers on the choice of the technical solution. The growth of the use of these 2 frameworks, in the state, invites us to the greatest caution because we must always think beyond coding a project, that the customer will be required to maintain the code. Having a code in an atypical solution is never good both in terms of robustness and cost!

The Symfony framework, stable in use but still disappointing ...

The Symfony framework, long cited as one of the rising standards in the PHP framework has finally failed to establish itself as a key framework in PHP. Its growth rate is low compared to these major rivals or even the latest published framework. This is a disappointment that can be explained by the heaviness to take it in hand that has a major impact on the cost of development! Web agencies prefer efficiency and robustness, this framework has a certain difficulty to dominate the market.

Finally, 2 frameworks stand out!

Let's start by presenting if we still have the famous CodeIgniter, a small PHP jewelry that has inspired more than one competitor by all its innovations and ingenious bits of code! CodeIgniter has been fairly stable since its inception, with a high user rate and a very active community. The new version of CodeIgniter, the 4, is scheduled for 2017 is already announced as the reference in the field and full of surprises! The advantage of CodeIgniter beyond its large community is undoubtedly its robustness AND its great flexibility that makes it very easily Google Friendly.

Regarding the Laravel framework, this is the framework that has clearly established itself as the reference in the field. Stable, robust, he is most used to him also a very big community. Its growth is impressive and it seems inevitable to take into account him and CodeIgniter during your analyzes of specifications.

PHP framework Laravel is the best in 2018

One of the newest on the block is Laravel. Since its release 3, LaRavil capabilities have exploded to become one of the most popular PHP frameworks used in a short time.
Laravel has compiled and re-assembled all existing components to provide you with a cohesive layer that enables you to build your web applications in a more structured and practical way. Inspired by popular frameworks written not only in PHP but also in other programming languages, LaRavile offers a powerful set of tools and application architecture that includes many of the best features of frameworks such as Kudinetter, Yi, ASP.NET Screwdriver, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, and others.

Ultimately it will be up to you as a developer to decide which one is the best fit for your project and or skill set.

Deciding on which framework to use depends on a variety of factors. You consider aspects such as speed, ease of use, features are available, documentation, and the dependencies or hosting resources it requires. Scalability is also a consideration to take into account if you expect growth that exceeds the capacity of a single instance of your application.

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