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Thursday, 28 December 2017

The best sites in 2018 to start your career in Freelance

Freelancing has become very popular in recent years. Some people use it to supplement their monthly income and others consider it their first income. 

This surge in popularity is understandable seeing that freelancers get to choose the projects they work on, schedule their own hours, work from new locations each day, and charge their own fees. However, with the freelancer ‘gig’ economy gaining more and more participants each day, finding projects is fast becoming a challenge for freelancers, especially ones who are just starting out.

Freelance Working?
A freelance worker is anyone who is self-employed and offers a paid service by a recruiter.
Being freelance online is simply offering this service remotely.

A concept that the Internet can greatly facilitate thanks to the presence of sites and platforms that have consolidated supply and demand.

Note that these services are not exclusive to the field of computing as many 
believe, but to really a multitude of specialties.
Now, I will introduce some of the most famous sites to start freelancing

1 The Upwork Website

Odesk and Elance, who were the 2 freelance giants, merged to create Upwork.
It has become the most renowned site for finding or offering freelance services.
UpWorks has 12 million registered users, as well as millions of offers each year.
And the markets concern absolutely all activities: IT, translation, writing, architecture, and even photography.
It is enormous!
The site has easy communication through a chat system and it allows to secure payments completely.
To know that a registration is obligatory to benefit from the advantages of this site.

Go to the website

2 The Fiverr Website

In a few years, Fiverr has become one of the leaders in remote work.
Its principle is very simple: all services are paid 5 dollars.
And on this site, there is a huge variety of services like text transcription, language learning, logo design, article writing ...
The majority of tasks are "micro-jobs" easy to achieve.
Everything is possible, with more than one offer.
If someone is serious about it, they can do a part-time or even a full-time job.

Of course, all transactions, verifications, and relationships between service seekers and those providing them are managed by the site itself.

3 The Toptal Website

One of the most popular sites though has a good future in 2018, TopTal helps connect independent designers and developers in all regions of the world with customers.
Focuses on technical projects, this company has a policy of careful examination their freelancer for skill, English and technical knowledge and only about 3% of applicants are ultimately accepted. TopTal is definitely a good place to work as an independent without an office.

4 The Freelance Website was created in 1995 by a computer science student and a contractor. Freelance then offers the services of the best freelancers by relying on a sales force composed of independent managers. is the largest market in the world of freelance, With more than 8 million users and recent acquisitions, Freelancer is becoming the world's leading marketplace for freelancing. The platform lists more than 8 million professionals, more than a billion dollars of projects submitted for nearly 5 million projects.

5 The Mechanical Turk Website

Mechanical Turk is a platform created by "Amazon"  which is inspired by the same principle as Microworkers. Small tasks to perform for small pay. This site is not as varied as those already mentioned and is somewhat limited as to the services offered and this is not a solution that must be adopted 100% to become a freelance although it is one of the solutions to be provided by combining it with other activities of the same kind.

Since hiring freelancers based on need is more cost-effective than hiring full-time talent, entrepreneurs can use these sites to make their project on a low budget.

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