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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

recogize on the track of web developper and designer

recogize on the track of web developper and designer - torok-technology
recogize on the track of web developper and designer - torok-technology

Today we have a topic that may occupy the head of many people in the field of programming and the
web who aspire to master the development of the web and do not know how and what path to follow to develop the web whether you want to professionally design user interfaces or want to professional programming sites must complete this article .

First, the web browser consists of two parts or two sides, the first side is the browser or the so-called client side and the other side is how the site works on the server and how the pages are displayed according to your requests and how the server provides the information you enter the site to login as in most Sites like Facebook and Google.

For the first side of this browser, which is designed user interfaces and colors and other things that are visible to the user and deals with the browser, the other side is the mind of the site or the engine, which performs many of the software operations that you do not see nor know about Any thing does not know how to do it because it is on the server and then the server to extract the results and sent to the browser to display to the user.

Now the question in your head Dear How do I access the web world?

To do this you must first learn some of the basics in web development before deciding whether you want to be a web designer or a web programmer. Here are the basics:

1 - Learn html, which is the basis of the web where it is the task of displaying any content you want on the web

2 - Learn the language of css Perhaps the web programmer may not need it, but of course will increase the weight of his skills will undoubtedly need in the simplest things.

Learn javascript: JavaScript is currently one of the main pillars in the field of web development where there is no site to the Javascript is used in it is used for many purposes, including the improvement of user interfaces and make them more dynamic and interactive with the user, including what is used in operations Such as the use of AJAX web programmers, which are used to send requests to the server and retrieve results without reloading the page.

, And after learning the three basic languages ​​begin to determine whether you want to be a web designer or web programmer and here's their path:

Web designer path:
1 - language learning html as mentioned above
Learn the language of css
3. Learn javascript
4 - Learn some libraries and frameworks based on the language of css such as learning framework bootstrap or material design and others
5 - Learn jquery library, which is based on the language of JavaScript and of course will facilitate you to do a lot of things that may take you a longer time when doing JavaScript, such as animation and other elements on the page and show them according to user interaction and other features that give you and the good experience you will gain in Java Script.
6 - Learn the language of sass, which is a language of design and user interfaces much advanced css language and gives you great possibilities to develop the interfaces of tattoos better.
7. Learn some other JavaScript-based frameworks that will of course increase your experience and enable you to build very powerful and effective Web applications such as building a single-page web application, or single page app; lication, and the most popular of these are the frameworks we recommend Are angular js, react js, vue.js, backbone.js, ember.js Here is a detailed article about them in the following link: The most famous JavaScript libraries.

Web programmer path
After learning the three languages ​​mentioned above, you begin to learn any of the following programming languages ​​that work on the server that program the websites:
1. PHP is a popular and open source language where 80% of the world's web sites are built.

2 - is a web environment developed by Microsoft based on the language of c # where you can programming sites and has become open source and has a lot of users around the world.

3 - node.js is a working environment developed by ryan dahl and is built on the language of JavaScript to operate on the server and also open source Here is a detailed article about everything you want to know about: All you want to know about node.js.
4 - Learn the language of paython: As I took the language of Python to spread in the field of the Web and has a large community of programmers and have many platforms that enable you to programming the Web such as django or platform, flask.
5 - Learn the ruby ​​language, which you can use in the web programming through the framework ruby ​​on rails.
6. Learn java where this language enables you to build web applications and websites through the java EE platform.

Now that you have learned the language from the above web programming languages ​​you should start learning the databases so that you can create a real website linked to a database in order to save and verify user data or publish articles, news or other things so you can list The most popular databases:

1- mySQL database
2. Oracle database
3- mongoDB.
4- couchDB.
5- postgreSQL.

Now that learning the programming language and learning the database, the application has left you with what you have learned to create simple software projects, so that you develop your skills in the language you have learned. You can then start learning some frameworks that are based on the language you are programming in. A programming language that makes it easier for the programmer to use and speed up the process of website development and programming.

Then we recommend that you learn some of the JavaScript frameworks you might use in your project with the programming language to build a mvc application and an advanced web application.

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