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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

what is node.js ?

what is node.js ? - torok-technology
what is node.js ? - torok-technology

Maybe dear programmer I heard a lot about the library node.js and what it can offer you in the development of web applications and may still be stuck in one of the languages ​​dear to your heart like php or asp.net But it is time to look at the new and know what features that contain It has this main library to make it a strong competitor to other web programming languages

Initially, the node.js library is a repository of ryan dahl, a JavaScript-based library. This library was created in 2009 to allow Javascript to work on the server. This was the first spark that went on JavaScript to expand web development Mobile and also the disco.

How does node.js work?
The JavaScript language when working on the browser depends on the engine chrom v8 and this engine in the latter converts the JavaScript code you write into the language c and the language of c ++ and since these two languages ​​are characterized by tremendous speed, so ryan dahl exploit this engine and programmed by the library node.js to work on the server Of course, the biggest feature of this library is its speed.

Features of node.js:
 Node.js has a large number of features and is summarized in:

1- Asynchronouc, this word in its meaning is very clear where the asynchronous meaning is meant here in programming is the ability of the server or computer to implement more than one software processing in one that makes the program or application or site faster and more effective with the user and this is what you give it Library node.js
2. Based on the previous system in which the library operates, the language became known as the non-blocking system. Here is an explanation of this system:
In normal cases when programming in most programming languages ​​you write the codes in order and the computer executes the commands stage stage according to the order of the code you typed in the sense that the computer performs a function and then performs the function followed by and so on as in php or asp.net or in But in the node.js library there is a non-blocking system that allows the computer to execute non-sequential code functions that execute the executable function not in order, as other languages ​​do. This system has been added to the newer versions of JavaScript. In the es6 release.

3- Establishing real-time app development:

Since node.js is very fast in executing code commands it is normal to be the best choice for any programmer who wants to create a web application for chatting and chatting. Instead of programmers who used to chat in php, using ajax technology, Page, it is possible to do the same application but without the use of ajax and through the technology of web sockets in which the node.js works more than wonderful.

4. Data stream speed:

Node.js is characterized by fast data flow, especially in the process of uploading and sending files where the server can process data processing and during the process of uploading, which saves a lot of time that can be wasted if the server processes the files after the customer request, and in this way is a wonderful feature, especially in Upload video or audio files.

5. With node.js, you can write a JavaScript code that links the server to the browser so that any change or update of the data happening in the server is executed immediately in front of the user.

6. Good dealing with databases
Because JavaScript can write and store simple data in json files and handle them easily, node.js is distinguished in dealing with non-sql databases such as mongodb and couchdb database. This type of database originally depends on the member's concept JavaScript object notation.

7-node package manager or so-called npm:
npm This is a store featuring a very large number of tools, packages and frameworks that will help you build your project using node.js and all are free.

Finally, the node.js library is no longer limited to web programming, but it has become a strong and powerful JavaScript language for programming mobile and desktop applications. Many JavaScript frameworks rely on node.js, such as the react framework developed by Facebook. You also started node.js in robotics robots programming area and you can see it from the following links http://nodebots.io

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