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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

the programming languages that used in most famous websites

the programming languages that used in most famous websites - torok-technology
the programming languages that used in most famous websites - torok-technology

Today we have a unique talk about what programming languages are used in the largest websites in the world.

This is often the question in your head and sit for a moment to think about how these sites originated and what languages you use until these sites reached this super performance and this terrible intelligence, instead of tired yourself in the search for these things and gather information from here and there, The topic and we came to you with all the information you want about these sites and what language programs and techniques used to build professional sites such as these.

facebook website:

Facebook is one of the most social networking sites in the world, and you may spend many hours a day chatting, browsing, or doing business with it or anything. You always notice the intelligence of this site and its interaction with you. You will notice that the site is showing you everything about technology and presents you new pages and new content to the point of astonishment and say in yourself how built this site !!

In fact, sites such as these have not only been built in one or two programming languages, but the site uses more than one programming language to benefit from every good aspect in every language. This gives you these amazing results. Here are the languages:
1 - It is known that Facebook uses the languages ​​of user interfaces such as html5, css3, javascript and also uses the framework of react js.
2 - For the side of Serve, Facebook uses many languages ​​and complex techniques and most of these languages ​​are:
Php language
The language of hack
HipHop: a PHP-based framework developed by Facebook that converts php code to c ++ to give faster code execution.
Erlang is a real-time programming language used in large projects that have requests for messages or connections. It is also used in many e-banks and not only in Facebook, but also in whatsapp
Xhp: This is an addition to the language php developed by Facebook Khith PHP enables the reading of the language of XML and also control the documentation of html by php to you more details in this link Xhp.
MySQL database
Appaxh Cassandra is a system for managing and controlling databases that contain a huge number of data

google website:

Google is one of the largest companies of digital services and software in the world, which gives the engineers have the freedom to choose the whales they use in the construction of projects so it is natural to find many languages ​​and tools and frameworks used, including:

 Most of the software used in the so-called low level side server on Google is written in C ++ because it gives a high performance compared to other programming languages. Performance is very important for a company like Google that processes and handles With millions of servers per day.
 In some of the programming things Google does, the assembly language is used as practically artificial intelligence in search engines.
As for the higher level on the server is using the language of Java in a large and wide.
The paython language is also used in many code tasks
The go language that Google created is also used to do some code tasks
JavaScript, which is used extensively in the user interfaces section, especially the angular js framework, which was developed by the same company, and Javascript is also used in some server-related issues.

paypal website:

Paypal is one of the most famous sites in the field of electronic banking and physical transactions and perhaps many customers feel comfortable and interactive when browsing and also easy to learn the techniques used to make it

The paypal site uses the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript interfaces in the user interfaces section
For the server part, the site used the Java language, but now the site developers have switched the work from Java to the node.js environment, which is based on JavaScript.

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