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Thursday, 16 November 2017

the best six chrome extentions for browsing youtube

the best six chrome extentions for browsing youtube - torok-technology
the best six chrome extentions for browsing youtube - torok-technology

Google Chrome is one of the basic tools for Internet users and web surfers. The visitor is always looking for ease of navigation and simplicity, so developers always program some simple add-ons that may make it easier for you to browse websites. For special additions to the site of YouTube.

YouTube is one of the global sites visited by millions of people around the world. Some may think that there are things missing or disliked in the site so we have come to you with these additions to see your experience may improve with YouTube.

1- Rating Preview

Sure, every day you search YouTube for educational content, culture, rayadhay or anything you want, but it always takes a lot of time to get a really useful clue and maybe dive into the depths of videos that may have nothing to do with what you're looking for. , If this tool is selected for you. This tool displays the ratings for all the videos in front of you so you can choose the best video associated with the high rating.

2- Turn of the Light

In fact, this extension is great and good and suitable for you if you are opening the video and chatting with the clips in the sidebar and you can not focus in the section you are watching. Once you install this tool in the browser and click on its icon, this tool will darken the entire page except the video As well as you can control the degree of opacity and color and also choose some other formats, and this tool will greatly help you to focus on the content of the video you see and use it to the maximum.

3-Hide YouTube Comments

You may be wasting a lot of time reading viewers' comments below videos on YouTube or seeing a lot of comments you do not like. This tool avoids all of this as just installing it on a Chrome browser hides all the comments on the bottom of the video on YouTube.

4- Enhancer for YouTube

If you are a smart phone user you will notice when you play a video through the YouTube application and if you want to browse some other videos, you will notice that the video screen is turned on and installed in a particular corner of the screen, it does the same work but on the browser.

5. Df YouTube

This tool has great capabilities as its idea of ​​work is very similar to the addition we mentioned Turn of the Light, but this tool is also distinguished by doing more things so this tool enables you not only to blackout the page, but hiding all elements
The page except the video that is playing, plus this addition also deletes the ads on the video.

6. Magic Actions

The fact of this add-on will make it easier for you to do more things while you are watching YouTube clips. It offers you the following tools:

You put the auto-repeat button on the video to restart it again after it is finished
Maybe when you zoom in on the video you will find some suffering in accessing Windows commands where you see that the video has taken the full size of the computer screens, but this add-on resolves this problem where you make the video when you zoom it takes the full size of the browser and not the size of the screen so it is easy to move to any Something else without getting out of the zoom mode
This tool also enables you to enable YouTube Night Browsing mode where you convert the YouTube background from white to dark.
With this add-on you can also take screenshot of the video and save it on your device with ease

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