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Thursday, 16 November 2017

useful books to learn javascript programming language

useful books to learn javascript programming language - torok-technology
useful books to learn javascript programming language - torok-technology

Hello guys, today we have a wonderful talk about the best books that teach you the language of JavaScript and increase the weight of your skills in this wonderful language Let's start.

In the beginning, dear reader, let us tell you that Javascript is one of the easiest programming languages, and it is easy to learn the language, but it is difficult for you to do this. As well as recent versions of which ES6 published in 2015 and the release of ES7 which was published in 2016.

This has given the language versions of the enormous advantages may not have revealed so far, so it is a language that needs patience in learning and follow up everything that is new and read more than a book and apply to them in practice so you can tap the amazing potential that gives you the language, which may be absent by big.
One of the most popular additions to the JavaScript language in these versions is the concept of classes or object oriented programming, known as object programming. Added to the language a solution to the domain problem, or scope, where more than one variable is added to solve this problem. In addition, From linking JavaScript files to each other through modules, where it is easier for you to export a variable or an object to another JavaScript file.

The so-called asyncronouc, which means "asynchronous", is added as the computer executes more than one command at a time. This depends on JavaScript on the callbacks and promises.

And now we review some of the books in pdf format that you can download or read a, and will be explained every book and what he talks about:

1. This is a great book that explains everything in JavaScript language according to version ES6. It is really a great and comprehensive book that will definitely increase the weight of your skills and will move you from a beginner point to a higher point if you understand and apply it properly.

 ECMAScript® 2015 Language Specification

2 - a book is no less important than the previous book is available to you pdf whether online or download, and reviews this book all you have javascript in version es6 of the features and how to install the environment on your device

ES6 tutorialspoint.

3 - You have to follow my brother this site is a global site and not only in the language of JavaScript but in most programming languages ​​and has a comprehensive guide and full explanation of the language Javascript in its modern versions

mozilla developers network.

4 - a wonderful book also details all the features of the language javascript es6 and there is a good explanation about the concept of modules and linking the files JavaScript each other
ECMAScript (ES) 6Mark VolkmannObject Computing, Inc. .

5- A small booklet for the asynchronous concept that explains the concept of JavaScript and how it is done

Asynchronous programming in javascript.

6 - An article explaining the modules or so-called modules in JavaScript and how to link JavaScript files together. This feature will benefit you greatly in your work. It enables you to control a number of JavaScript files in your project using a single file. This allows you to build powerful applications based on the system. mvc:

modules in javascript.


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