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Thursday, 16 November 2017

the most popular javascript frameworks 2017

the most popular javascript frameworks 2017 - torok-technology
the most popular javascript frameworks 2017 - torok-technology

Hello guys, The programming language known as JavaScript, one of the important programming languages ​​that have proved to be a great place among the programming languages, especially in the field of the web, where this language is widespread and can not be used by a site is not only important in terms of making the site dynamic or responsive, Many sites also use JavaScript to make browsing speed better by downloading a number of pages at once using ajax. Javascript is no longer limited to dealing with the client, but is also used in dealing with the server. Android applications can be made with a nose O Language This is explained in the main offices of JavaScript:

The JavaScript script is divided into two sections, a section that deals with the user and contributes to the building of the user interfaces. The other section deals with the server, databases and content display.

First JavaScript servers that deal with user interfaces:

jquery library:

It is one of the most famous JavaScript libraries that are used in building user interfaces. It is a huge library that contains many features and adds dynamism to the site. It also has many effects and events that make the site dynamic and streamlined. The best feature is that developers have shortened what you can do with JavaScript code Consists of dozens of lines, in several simple lines so that their logo in this library is write less do more, ie write a little and do more.

2- Angular framework:

Is an open source web application framework developed by a community of Google developers, and created to address the challenges we may face while developing web applications on a single page. The goal is to streamline both the development and testing of these applications by providing a client-side framework according to the MVC and MVVM standards, together with components that They are used in web applications.

3- react framework:

The framework of react was developed and developed by the Facebook team. In the recent period, it has become a place in the framework of the frameworks used to build the user interfaces. It does not deviate from the framework of the work of many, the goal is one, but both libraries have their own philosophy.

4- backbone framework:

This is also a framework similar to angular and is similar to the react and does the same, but it has several features, most importantly it can control the data before it arrives in the DOM and it has other properties such as jquery, To deal with him quickly on the contrary when compared to angular where you need some time to get used to it.

5- ember framework:

It is also similar to the ANGULAR framework, as the two work with MVC displays and are used to build single page web applications.

6. VUE.JS Framework:

This framework can take a good and promising position between the frameworks and offices of JavaScript because it has different properties that separate it from libraries and other frameworks. It is a framework through which you can create and add elements within the DOM. For example, you can create an input field and create questionnaires to check the input And if you do not write something correctly and remove it if you rewrite the data correctly and all this without loading the page and in a few of the few lines you can do great things through this wonderful library and it depends on the structure of the MVVM and on which you can manipulate DOM as You want without having to cont roller as in other frameworks including ANGULAR.

Second JavaScript libraries that deal with the server:

1- node.js :

Away from the side of the so-called client side Any side of the user, JavaScript has evolved in the past years to a large extent to be able to write a Web application and dealing with the server by JavaScript, thanks to the library node.js, which was issued in 2009 has achieved This library is a success among the web programming languages that deal with the server and became a competition for the language of PHP because of the speed of large, because it is a language originally built on the language of C ++ and developed on the basis of Google Chrome and developed the language to write in JavaScript.

Is a library or framework built on the NODE.JS library where you can create a Web application using this framework that originally relies on NODE.JS. This is not only where you can use this library to build applications for mobile on either the ANDROID or IOS platform .

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