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Sunday, 26 November 2017

exclusive: the best node js books

exclusive: the best node js books - torok-technology
exclusive: the best node js books - torok-technology

Hello guys, welcome again, i came today with a good article for the node.js developers, in this article I will represent to you the best and essential node.js books for whos want to learn node.js purely without frameworks, also these books for whose want to know how to node.js actually works and learn the real functionalities of node.js, so lets start to review the books with direct links to download them.

1- the first book is called "Pro Node.js for developers", this book is really amazing and very good for anyone have some experience of web development technologies and javascript programming language to start to learn node.js, this book will tame you fro the starter node.js programmer to the next step, you will find the book from this link .

NETWORK PLATFORM NODE.JS ", this book is very good and rarely you find books like this book but I don't advice the novices in node.js to start with it because I explain node.js in depth and there are many things you cant understand if you don't have a programming experience, but this book  is prompt for whose have a programming experience especially in javascript, and this book willgive you many information about  the new techniques in javascript such as asynchronous, callbacks, promises, event driven, event loop and so on, you will find the bokk from this link.

3- This book is called "  Pro REST API Development with Node.js", this books is prompt to whose novice in node js or whose has some experience of node and javascript programming language, it will explain to you how to build an mvc application, node.js rest, node js API, asynchronous, and many important things, the link for downloading the book or read it from this link.

4- if you wanna start learning node.js and learn express.js framework based on node.js, so you have to read this book "Beginning Node.js", this book is better than any written tutorial existed on the internet, it explains to you everything obviously and clearly read and downloads from this link.

5- this book "Node.js Recipes" is very good for any novice want to learn node.js, it's a good book to start build your first application in the node and debugging it, also it explains the web socket concept and how to build a chat real-time chat based in web socket, so go to download it from here this link.

Now i had finished the node.js books that i have but i will search about more books and publish it to you later, best wishes for you and goodby.

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