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Thursday, 30 November 2017

The best five books to learn javascript for beginners

best books to learn javascript for beginners
best books to learn javascript for beginners torok-technology

Welcome to you again, you may be surprised from our interesting of javascript, and you may be said now javascript again !!, but I wanna tell you yes javascript again and more and every time, javascript is the future of programming so you have to start to learn it fastly, so because that I come to you today and I carry to you with this article  the best books to learn javascript for beginners, so let us start to show you these amazing and useful books.

this book is very good and useful for everyone wants to start learning to programme, so this book introduces to programming with javascript programming language, it will take you from novice level to the next step, so if you wanna to learn the javascript programming language I highly recommend to this book.
this book is bought on Amazon store, but I put the free version on pdf from the above link.

Visual Learners hold data uniquely in contrast to one side brained partners, and in this way advantage from various methodologies. Full shading delineations help memory triggers as your mind always remembers a picture, representation or composition. One page of a visual guide can parallel one section of a customary book as representations can improve things greatly finished entirely words on a page!

This book works on another side, it designed and launched specifically for the normal people whose don't have a good experience of computer science, this book is designed for those and for everyone wants to build his own website and add more interactive events in his site, so this book represents to you a good knowledge and basics functionalities of javascript and jquery to start to build amazing and interactive websites and user interfaces.

Head First Javascript Programming is a common book, really it is a good and amazing book, it calculates with an easy for beginners and the advanced parts for who wants to develop his self in javascript, i recommend this book to you whether you novice in javascript or in the mediate level, it will help you to move to the next step, and it will sharpen your skills in javascript, this book also is not free in amazon store but I get a free pdf link, so you can read it online or download it from google drive.

HTML5 !! you may say now what is the relation between html5 and javascript, I would say to you that basically, html5 became a part of javascript and there are many of functions and tricks won't be done without javascript, so and although this book is called HTML5  Programming, this book explains to you javascript programming language from scratch to the weird and advanced parts, also it explains an important function and features in javascript.

We know that there are thousands of books for javascript programming, but this collection we choose to you for November month, actually we will provide you amazing other books later, thank for you and hopefully benefit from these collections.


  1. I would like more information about this, Thanks for sharing.
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    1. ok man i will bring the great books to you and if you want a tutorial tell us to make it


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